Nat is a powerful and passionate healer, Womb Priestess, and Shaman of the Sacred Feminine Healing Arts (for women and men). I have worked with more than 25,000 people, and can say with full confidence that Nat brings a wealth of gifts to her clients - from past life hypnosis, deep visionary journeys into the Womb dimensions, spiritual and shamanic mentoring, helping people heal core emotional wounds, breaking free from limiting life patterns, and more. One of the qualities that people love the most about Nat is her commitment to her client's healing. She will be there for you 100%.

- Dr. Azra Bertrand, MD, Founder The Fountain of Life, Author "Pilgrimage into The Womb"

I always felt heard in my 3 sessions with Natalie, and it was great to tell my story without being judged. I especially appreciated the technique where I brought together two opposing sides to see the commonality between the two. I also really appreciated the encouragement to go for what I wanted, and the reassurance that all would be well even if things didn’t go as expected.

I also really appreciate that Natalie followed up with me since. I know she genuinely cared about what I was going through and what was crossing through my mind and heart. I’ve since read a book about manipulative people, it’s really put into perspective some of the people who came between my partner and I. From all I can discern and read, it’s best to dissociate with these people, and I’m happy to say that I’ve dissociated from every manipulative person I know as of a few weeks ago. I believe a happy and healthy life starts with a firm emotional foundation, and I feel much more capable of doing so in the absence of these individuals’ influences. It’s raised my standards and others can see. I would still like to pursue the more spiritual understandings of my interactions with others, but for now I feel I’m in a very good spot that I’ve been seeking for some time. Thank you so much Natalie for the guidance and healing!


- Elliot Gleaton

Natalie is an empowered and inspiring woman. I feel grateful that she was able to help me move through my blocks to abundance using her Womb Wisdom to guide the sessions that drew from her extensive range of tools that she has to work with in her Hypnotherapy Practice. I highly recommend her. Thank you Natalie!

- Jacqui Ward ~ Cairns

Natalie Zukerman is a deeply intuitive and skilled transformational guide, drawing on her in depth training and experience in various modalities. Her private sessions were incredibly insightful and focused on empowering me to create the necessary changes and repatterning to propel me in to a more wholesome way of being. I have immense respect and gratitude for the work she has so lovingly and passionately shared with me.

- Malaika Vera ~ Byron Bay

When I met Nat during our first Skype session together, I knew I could instantly trust her. Nat just radiates with unconditional love, warmth and compassion. She is deeply intuitive and wise. I felt truly seen and held throughout the session which helped me to open up and travel deep within to meet with my core issues. In one of the inner journeys we did, she led me to a place in Ancient Egypt to help me retrieve my gifts and overcome what blocked them. I was so moved and stunned by this as the images she evoked deeply resonated with my soul and body memory as I have also a cultural Egyptian background in this life, which Nat wasn't aware of, so this was truly amazing and spot on with regards to my issue. I came out of our session feeling so much lighter and peaceful and my inner connection to myself has deepened since. Thank you, Nat, for your love and wisdom. I am so glad to have guided to you! Much love, Yasmin

- Yasmin Omar ~ Germany

Natalie has always been tactful, loving, professional in answering any questions I had. Her voice is angelic and her all being radiates love. She creates a sacred space just with her being.
I wanted to explore the passing thru the womb portal into other past experiences, my sacred womb garden and each time we did this Nat has conducted me on a mysterious, loving exploratory journey.
I wanted to explore the theme of me as a healer which has become in the past year part of my experience but I had difficulties in integrating it. I knew I wanted to dive into the past and I knew Nat was the right person to guide me thru it.
I have done regressions myself with many people around the globe and I knew I wanted to be able to guide them in parallel dimensions as well. I knew I wanted to have few sessions with Nat to learn from her way of doing it. It was the right choice for me, she is an excellent teacher and now I am doing past life regressions with my own clients. I am very grateful for being able to learn from her. She has always done more than "requested", always 's been available. It's been a delight to share the space, time and create these healing and learning experiences together.

- Catalina Hadapha

I went to see Natalie to assist me with over coming my fear of pap smears that I developed following a traumatic birth experience with my first born. I found her to be so warm, welcoming and supportive. She was very sensitive to my needs and I felt I could open up to her entirely.
She took time to listen to me and work through where my issues first arose from so that I could first learn to understand and move on from them and then to help me with techniques for the present and the future. She took a holistic approach and I felt a very much individualised plan, tailored exactly to my needs and what we both felt would work best for me.
During the sessions themselves I felt completely safe and supported with Natalie and was quite amazed at how I felt during the sessions and the feelings she was able to evoke in me. After 3 sessions I felt ready to face my fear (after trying and failing several times before coming to see Natalie). Natalie was amazing with her gentle encouragement in the lead up and she was the first person I phoned to share my news of success with after and she celebrated alongside me! I can not describe well enough my feelings of confidence and relief and I owe that all to Natalie! Not only did I come away with being able to get a calm and successful pap smear which was my initial goal - I also came away with a new sense of strength, confidence and calmness in my self.

Thankyou Natalie xoxoxo

- Victoria Wells, Mermaid Beach

Natalie’s unique sessions were the only thing that helped me. She helped me to see that my belief about myself was only a perception of what my mind created as a child through an event she regressed me to. She helped me to see that this was only one perception and where as if other people watched that same event they would have come to different and more positive perceptions and judgements. I seemed to create this limiting belief through my mind, and when I went deeply into this unwrapping the layers, I experienced that this belief was not true at all. It was an amazing release and I was able to let go of this limiting belief.
Natalie is great at holding space and listening to me. She directed all our sessions with a grounded strength . Her spiritual guidance was so empowering, and she helped me to awaken to my power and feel my inner strength and own it. I am so grateful for Natalie’s sessions and I continue to work with her as she is the only person that has been able to help me make these changes and shifts in my life.
Eternally Grateful

- Lisa Owen ~ Brisbane

Natalie helped reveal the truth about a relationship pattern that I was experiencing. She brought awareness that two conflicting aspects of myself both wanted the same thing. She also gave me some suggestions as to how to approach the situation, which helped me to communicate more effectively.
I had a wonderful experience with Natalie. She is practical, relatable, projects grounded wisdom, and seems to have many tools to work with. My 3 sessions with her were deeply healing and helpful and she has given me the tools to access on my journey and to have better relationships.

Much love and Grail Light Blessings!

- Ava Brennan ~ USA

I came across Nat when I was feeling confused about my purpose and couldnt get over some events from my past. Immediately after my session with Nat I felt a new confidence in myself, I felt beautiful and happy. 3 weeks later I still feel great, everything has just been slotting in place for me. I approach every day with a new found confidence. My session with Nat helped provide closure to the things that had been holding me back xx

- Amber Jade ~ Bundall

I had 3 sessions with Natalie. I wanted to increase my emotional resiliency. We worked through this with hypnotherapy, time line work and NLP.
I found myself easily being able to communicate with Natalie because she is very intuitive. I also slipped easily into hypnotherapy with her and I felt very supported going so deep. In my experience with Natalie I was able to see my issues in a new light which helped me move into a place of power. I don't think I would of got there without the work we did together.
I would highly recommend Natalie, she naturally very talented because of her years of travelling and learning and her shamanic experience. I feel she passes on an old soul wisdom that is not taught in classes.
Therefore I would say she is a treasure to be found.

Thanks Natalie xx

- Michia Nugent ~ Broadbeach