Healing with Hypnotherapy

"A woman is the full circle, Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform"

My advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques are powerful tools for overcoming problems, removing negative thoughts, reducing unwanted feelings, increasing positive influences, breaking habits and negative thought patterns, gaining confidence and empowerment and healing in your life.

Each and everyone of us creates a map of our own world, a representation of the world we live in, and our representation of the world determines to a large measure how we perceive the world, what experiences we have, and what choices we will be able to see available to us. Through my experience as a therapist, I see people in pain, feeling blocked and limited and “stuck”. I help to show them it is not the world that is limited, it is the poverty of their own internal maps that keep them suffering and in pain. We go in and expand and enrich their map with more choices, more updated information within their own individual experiences. Most of the time these problems are the greatest opportunity for growth.

Imagine being relaxed and focused and connected to your personal resources, to be able to tap into these resources and respond with wisdom and clarity to life’s most challenging times. This is where I will help you.

I integrate Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, Womb Awakening work, TFT, EFT, Sound Healing, and various healing modalities in my own powerful unique style of healing. I am very devoted to supporting other people’s spiritual growth and healing. I have a gift in aligning people with their supreme version of life and unraveling their limitations, blockages and deep core wounds from their past and their ancestral lineage.

I work with Women whom have suffered through all types of abuse, trauma, and fertility issues and help guide women on their spiritual path in life. I am a Guide to Feminine Empowerment, Awakening Women to their Womb Power and bringing the feminine and masculine into sacred union. I help coach women to embody this and to live an awakened, balanced, love-filled and peaceful life. I am trained in many healing techniques that create change at the level of the unconscious mind.

My sessions are unique, profound and transformational.   If you’re struggling with any aspect of your life, contact me to discover how my unique sessions can provide relief and healing. I have helped hundreds of clients to think better, feel better and ultimately, be better!